How Fasting Can Help You Maximize HGH Treatment

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How Fasting Can Help You Maximize HGH TreatmentIn order to get the most out of taking HGH supplements, you will first need to understand the basics of how and why growth hormone is released.  Human growth hormone is produced naturally by the body in order to aid with daily functioning.  Besides growth, HGH is important for synthesizing proteins, controlling glucose uptake, and many other functions.

There are several situations in which your body would need to release HGH and many of these are related to survival mode.  In order to combat the stress put on the body during survival tactics, HGH is automatically released.  One of the safest ways to gently induce survival mode is by fasting.

Keep in mind that fasting is not for everyone’s lifestyle.  It takes a lot of discipline to fast and to do it right.  Also, you should not fast if you are required to do strenuous physical work regularly.  Ideally, fasting should take place on days when you have few obligations and your physical activity requirements are at their lowest.  You should also avoid fatty and heavy foods before fasting, such as milk products and meats.  These products can stress your digestive tract.

By fasting alone, you will be able to increase your body’s production of HGH.  The fast will cause HGH to be released and your pituitary gland will need to make more in order to replace the HGH which was used.  By doing a regular fast (like once a week), you can increase the amount of HGH which your body produces.

Aside from pushing your body into survival mode, fasting also can increase HGH in another way.  Eating too much causes constantly high levels of insulin in the body to convert the food into usable energy.  Simply put, insulin and HGH do not get along, thus eating constantly can lower HGH.  Controlled scientific studies on mice back up the evidence about fasting and HGH.  When the mice were regularly deprived of food for a short period of time, they lived longer than the mice who received food regularly.
How Fasting Can Help You Maximize HGH Treatment

To get the most of a fast, then you should combine it with a HGH supplement.  These HGH stimulate your pituitary gland to make more growth hormone.  This is important for aiding your body in replenishing its natural supply of HGH.

There are many other health benefits to fasting.  A fast can help you cleanse your colon, remove toxins from your body, and also shrink your stomach side (thus reducing hunger cravings).  To get these benefits from a fast, it is important that your fast lasts at least 24 hours.  You should not eat any foods while fasting if you want to release HGH.  However, you should drink plenty of water.  Do not drink any fruit juices.  Many people have also had success doing juice fasts.  These types of HGH fasts involve only drinking vegetable juices.  If you have a juicing machine, than this can be a good fast for you.

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